The complete management suite

Manage your complete service from a single, intuitive management suite.

Suggested TV Dashboard - CMS and CRM

Ingest, edit, schedule... publish

Upload your VOD content directly, or auto-ingest from third party servers, ready to schedule and manage using our intuitive set of publishing tools.

Create and curate

Get creative with our easy to use collection editor. Create auto-generated menus and playlists based on business rules, metadata tagging, or manually curate scheduled menus with simple drag and drop interaction.

Suggested TV Dashboard - Curate video playlists and OTT content

Promote your content and service

Promote and monetise your OTT service with our campaign tools, add promotional banner ads, sponsorship, vouchers and VAST based pre-rolls.

Customer account, entitlements and Management

As well as tools for managing user accounts, device authorisation, and user entitlements, the Suggested TV customer management Dashboard provides access to a complete record of all transactions and user activity.

CRM - Customer administration

Meaningful data

A complete view of any transactional period can be instantly accessed, filtered and exported, enabling you to fulfil wholesale billing and administrative accounting. All user activity is logged via our apps and fed to external analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, for a deep insight into your customer behaviour.

Analytics and transactional data

Dashboard features overview

The Dashboard powers our multi-screen consumer apps

The content and user management Dashboard is only one part of our Service. Our comprehensive range of multi-screen OTT apps are supported across web, TV and mobile devices.

Suggested TV Dashboard CRM and CMS
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