Multi-screen OTT device-optimised applications

Beautiful template-driven solutions

Our template approach provides a cost effective and elegant means of getting your VOD content to your audience using award-winning user experiences. Our service has passed platform QA submissions, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, and benefit from real world user testing and feedback.

Flexible and secure

VOD content protected by DRM

Suggested TV ensures your VOD content is secured across all supported platforms and devices by using industry standard DRM technologies, including Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay.

Cross device bookmarking

Cross device bookmarking

Our viewing has been fluid since the turn of the decade. Start, stop and continue video playback from where you left off, across all VOD devices.

Multi-language, multimarket

Multi-language audio and subtitles support

Suggested TV supports multiple audio soundtracks for language switching, and subtitle support, including special characters. With the ability to create multiple markets, the consumer experience is truly global.

Multiple payment models and services

Direct credit card payments, Apple and Amazon

Suggested TV supports several ways to monetise your VOD content, including transactions, subscription, advertising and sponsorship through multiple payment services, including Stripe for direct payment card transactions, Apple and Amazon.

In-app promotions

In-app promotions - Banners


In-app promotions - Vouchers


In-app promotions - Prerolls


The device apps support a number of ways for promoting your OTT VOD content, including banner overlays, voucher redemptions and pre-roll video promotions.

Data-driven, data captured

Usage analytics

Suggested TV is constantly listening, capturing user behaviour and logging it to produce meaningful data for analytics use.

The feature evolution continues

Easel TV Suggested TV road map

The Suggested TV service continues to evolve, adding more features and support for additional VOD devices and platforms. As our OTT service expands, so does your service, as each of the new features becomes available as part of your licence.


The following list features the comprehensive range of devices Suggested TV is currently live on through genuine client deliveries. No smoke and mirrors here!

Introducing the power behind the apps - the Suggested TV Dashboard

Manage your VOD content, user accounts, promotions and reporting in a single CMS and CRM Dashboard.

Suggested TV Dashboard CRM and CMS
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